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Photo Illustrations

Adobe Photo has opened my eyes to the many folds of photography. The image below has about 10 or more photos blended together. This is the image that taught me that I can create any environment I like using products.

Materials used:

- fish tank (large) fill water up to about 5" from the rim of tank

- white back drop (lit by a separate strobe light)

- fresh sliced fruit

- windshield squeegee

- any liquid product, ie. Izze, Voss, or any bottle that is appealing to the eye

The shoot took about 2 hours. Post work was about 3 days with taking a break from looking at the work; which is recommended if you are working on any project. Nice to have a set of fresh eyes after staring at it for about 6 hours, give or take. I was able to play with the sizing of the different fruit and had a variation of how the fruit was dropped in the tank. Can not wait to create more work like the image below. Please comment below or email me!

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